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20 Jun 2015
Roger and his team welcomed 45 guests for a charity garden event, hosted at Leydens on behalf of the ellenor charity. Aside from being a thoroughly enjoyable evening, with lots of food, wine, great company and glorious evening sunshine, we were delighted to raise money for... Continue reading
10 Jun 2015
The garden here at the Nursery is really starting to flourish, with many colours and varieties between the pergolas and up the long borders. Here are a few photos taken by Tom with the... Continue reading
03 Jan 2015
BBC Gardeners’ World Live competition starts on the 11th June and Roger has been asked again this year to be the Ambassador for the event. He has set the list of materials the four chosen designers will use to construct their gardens at the show... Continue reading
24 Apr 2014
Follow Roger on Twitter! After many requests, Roger has finally succumbed to joining Twitter. You can view his page at @rogerplatts Follow for Roger for Updates from the Nursery, Garden Photos, Roger’s Gardening Tips, Latest News & Events.... Continue reading
03 Apr 2014
Roger is very excited to be ambassador for this years BBC Gardeners’ World competition which will be held at the Birmingham NEC on the 12th-15 June. For the event, designers have been asked to construct their gardens out of materials chosen by Roger. The competition that... Continue reading
04 Sep 2013
On the 4th September, Roger delivered  a garden design lecture to visitors from the US at the Bressingham Academy, run by Adrian Bloom and Dr. Alan M Armitage at the famous Bressingham gardens in Norfolk. Roger’s lecture gave a brief overview of garden design history... Continue reading
06 Aug 2013
On the 6th August we were delighted to welcome local WI members from Chiddingstone. The late summer border with flashes of golden Rudbekia, Helenium and the mauve Eupatorium in the late evening light shone out against the backdrop of the wildflower hay... Continue reading
04 Aug 2013
Visitors flock to our garden, Leydens, on 4th August enjoying the late summer border, wildflower meadow and excellent homemade tea and cakes in glorious sunshine. Our thanks to all that took part – visitors and helpers, who were responsible for raising over £2000 for the... Continue reading
22 May 2013
The M&G Centenary Garden’ titled ‘Windows through Time’, designed by Roger Platts has been awarded a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show 2013. Roger Platts “Here we are in the garden, finally completed. We are in the shady area here, so there’s the Aucuba japonica... Continue reading
21 May 2013
Roger Platts has been awarded a Gold Medal for ‘The M&G Centenary Garden’ at the 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. It is a particularly special achievement as it celebrates 100 years of Chelsea Flower Show garden design and is for main sponsors of the show,... Continue reading
20 May 2013
  Here you can find the list of plants used in Roger Platts’ ‘Windows Through Time’ which celebrates 100 years of The Chelsea Flower Show (Supplied by     Trees Acer ‘Omurayana’ Cornus kousa Chinensis Rhododendron ‘Loderi Game Chick’ Acer palmatum Corylus avelland Rhododendron... Continue reading
20 May 2013
Roger talks to the BBC about his inspiration for his 2013 garden at The Chelsea Flower Show, and the influence that Nymans gardens has had on him and his design. Roger’s garden, built for show sponsors M&G named ‘Windows through time’ celebrated The Chelsea Flower... Continue reading
16 May 2013
Construction is well underway at the Royal Hospital grounds. Nick’s main concern was to get the summerhouse frame finished in time for the thatcher to do his work over the Bank Holiday weekend. By Monday the thatching was complete, which enabled us to move on with... Continue reading
09 May 2013
It was good to receive a message from the RHS at the end of last week to inform us that we could mark out the garden on site the day before the start of build up. Nick and Marie-Lucie set off on Wednesday with the full... Continue reading
02 May 2013
Natural sunshine has taken over and the plants are really romping away now. A few weeks ago I would not have imagined that it would be necessary to be laying shade netting over large batches of perennials to prevent scorching. With better weather the usual... Continue reading
25 Apr 2013
With warmer sunny days the plants are now romping away. I am feeling much happier that we shall have a good range to choose from once planting commences in a few weeks time. The lavenders and roses are showing flower bud and these were the... Continue reading
19 Apr 2013
The final pieces have fallen into place this week with my decisions on the lighting and furniture and confirmation of the sawn York stone  paving. Lighting the garden is an interesting challenge because although it is only likely to be in use for a few... Continue reading
09 Apr 2013
As I write this it is snowing again and only two degrees centigrade. The plants are almost all inside, snug and protected in polytunnels and glasshouses to protect them from the icy wind. Sorry to go on about the weather yet again but is really... Continue reading
03 Apr 2013
The Corten steel sculpture has arrived from the Blacksmith and after a bit of fettling, we set it up to appreciate the full scale of the structure.  The colour was rather harsh in the beginning but after a week of spraying daily with salt water... Continue reading
26 Mar 2013
The meadow turf is making good progress with an abundance of wildflowers waking up to spring within the sward. It is important to exercise restraint when creating wild flower meadows and sticking to the varieties which thrive in your soil. On our acid heavy clay... Continue reading
19 Mar 2013
High winds and drifting snow resulted in the growing tunnels being firmly closed this week to protect the young shoots which emerged in last week’s sunshine. Just as my hopes were raised to see the Stewartias in the glasshouse burst into full leaf and a... Continue reading
15 Mar 2013
Three or four days of spring sunshine really made a difference this week and the perennials have burst into life, only to receive a nasty shock as the temperature plummets again. As soon as March arrives it becomes a rollercoaster ride struggling to cope with... Continue reading
07 Mar 2013
I have probably already gone on record as saying that I like to use local materials so the stone for the ruined wall coming from a ruined Sussex barn is just what I wanted. The difficult part has been finding a stone mullion window in... Continue reading
01 Mar 2013
Even this far ahead we are juggling with changes in weather conditions. I am not planning to manipulate the plants excessively as the planting must be sustainable. Showing spring bulbs in full flower with early summer perennials would create a completely misleading effect in a... Continue reading
20 Feb 2013
It has been an interesting week. First I had a meeting with Nick my contractor who is constructing the oak summerhouse. The roof is proving a challenge to construct because of my determination to avoid a perfect round shape. Each angle for the roof timbers... Continue reading
14 Feb 2013
This week has seen a number of breakthroughs in locating items I have been tracking for the last few months. On Monday I found just the perfect stone mullion window – except that it is the other side of the country. It will require a... Continue reading
04 Feb 2013
Now the snow has disappeared we have been able to complete the marking out of the garden on the ground at the nurseries. Everyone who has seen it so far has had the same reaction “It looks huge!” It reminds me that whenever a garden... Continue reading
31 Jan 2013
Ten days ago the permeable black sheet was laid out in the field on which the garden is marked out ready to have a mock-up of the layout in life size. Within hours it had disappeared under a layer of fluffy snow. Today I received... Continue reading
15 Jan 2013
Sometimes I find it difficult to imagine what it will be like at the end of May as the summer approaches and we are building a garden in the middle of London for millions to view for one week. It certainly feels distant on a... Continue reading
09 Jan 2013
Around this time of year, plants experience a period of dormancy before waking up for the next season. Growing plants for a Chelsea garden to look their best by mid/end of May rather than mid-June, as would be normal in Southern England, starts now. We... Continue reading
20 Dec 2012
With Christmas approaching and temperatures all over the place we have concentrated on settling the plants into their winter quarters. The glasshouse is for the more tender items such as myrtle and French lavender and polytunnels for Cistus and other evergreens. However, it is vital... Continue reading
05 Dec 2012
Some time ago, when I first became aware that 2013 would be the Centenary Year for the Chelsea Flower Show my thoughts were: after all my involvement over years it was a shame that I was not going to be a part of it. These... Continue reading
27 Nov 2012
In celebration of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show’s centenary, the 2013 M&G Show Garden is aptly entitled ‘Windows through Time’ and reflects on the history of Chelsea Show Gardens over the past hundred years, but also focuses on the consistent elements. Roger is delighted to... Continue reading
08 Aug 2010
As anticipated by Roger and his team, Sunday 8th August saw a flurry of visitors to Leydens for this year’s NGS Garden Open for charity. Following a successful garden at the Chelsea Flower Show earlier in May – scooping him another gold medal and the... Continue reading
29 May 2010
A surprised Roger was caught off guard on Saturday 29th May as Show Manager Alex Denman and the BBC’s Joe Swift came back to film his Chelsea garden one last time and present him with the People’s Choice Award. All week visitors to the show,... Continue reading
26 May 2010
After an eight-year break and then just five month’s preparation and build, Roger has scooped a Gold medal for his M&G Garden at Chelsea 2010. Judges stopped filming as they swarmed on to the garden Monday morning to make the final decisions on Roger’s traditional... Continue reading
01 Apr 2010
Having won Gold and Best In Show for his NGS tribute garden in 2002, Roger is back at Chelsea this year with his first large show garden in eight years. He was under some pressure to come up with a dream idea in a matter of months... Continue reading
14 Aug 2009
Leydens, the private home and gardens of Roger and Jeanette, was open to the public on Sunday 9th August for the couple’s annual NGS Garden Open event. Over 300 visitors came to see the new and improved grounds, which raised in excess of £1,500 for... Continue reading
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